Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The following is the first paragraph of Vanessa Beecroft: Carnal Drawings, by Germano Cleant, found on the artist's website. Her work is inspiring for me both in image and in content.  Click her name above to explore her art.

The horizon where a human being's activity unfolds lies in the sum total of childhood and adolescent experiences.  And the topology of the imagination regulating one's path in life combines things normal and monstrous, internal and external, friendly and inimical, striking roots in the insignificance of alienating, unsure stratification that delimit and shape the territory of our first existential and conscious responses.  This period, which is fraught with interweavings of memories and desires, projections and nightmares, and network of allusions and dreams, spurs the mental activity that will point out the path towards achieving a goal and a space in the creation of one's own identity. [...] The creative experience of Vanessa Beecroft, would seem to be based on symbolic, fanciful material—never mind wether real or unreal—linked to her childhood, when she wove together a network of meanings ranging from self-denial to self-contemplation, in a family consisting of a solitary female figure, a house identifiable by a red room, and a social life made up of dialogues with blond little girls, whom she ordered according to a rule, to make drawings in albums that became collections of stories of freckled dolls with red braids, traced in colored pencils that could only be yellow, orange and red. It is the game of a girl who blends reality and fantasy . . ."

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