Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wabonsee Community College Ceramics

I am visiting the Ceramics Studio at Wabonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, Illinois for a few months before leaving for my Residency in Taiwan.  This image, left, is a teabowl by Doug Jeppeson, Assistant Professor of Art/Ceramics. Yesterday he showed us the non-wheel trimming method he uses and admitted that these are actually "Saturday night beverage cups".   ;)   Yes, there is a fabulous wood kiln at the college, and many other great kilns in the pretty, pretty new kiln yard!  The studio rivals that of many well established University programs in the country.  Extremely clean and well equipped(in-studio 50 inch flatscreens for quick online access and presentations anyone?), the studio atmosphere is relaxed, but energetic.  Doug's students are passionate about clay, and are making great pots.  On that note, I've been making pots too!  Its nice to get back into making utilitarian wares after slip-casting my a** off during grad school.  Also, I'll be doing some material tests in developing various clay bodies that I plan on working with in Taiwan.  I'm really excited about being involved in the studio at Wabonsee.  There are some really great events coming up, like Gail Nichols and the Artstream Nomadic Gallery.  So, if you are in Illinois this Spring, a trip out to WCC would be worth it! Follow all the highlights in this post to explore WCC's ceramics department-- you'll be envious.  I'll keep you posted (literally) about all my experiences and projects here.

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