Thursday, March 10, 2011

Solo Show Slideshow & New Statement

Hey there . . .

I revised my artist statement.  I am looking for some feedback.  Please comment, e-mail etc.  Thanks!

As generational distance occurs and as events become lessons in history books or ancestral stories, we become fascinated with the products of time, impregnating them with symbolic value. Markets of all kinds, Ebay, antique stores, night markets, and local garage sales, are all bursting with these nostalgic things that seem to confirm the past as real. This reassurance of a tangible past somehow lessens the anxiety of this virtual age, and provides for me common imagery open for uncommon interpretation.
My art making process is intuitive and analytical. I begin by searching for objects both familiar and foreign that pique feelings of angst. Through the processes of casting and assembling statuesque versions of these objects, I aim to create a personal, continuous narrative of twenty-first century life.
Evidence of production is present in my work through hallmarks such as casting lines and the repetition of falsely unique objects. The collage of these products addresses the cultural homogenization that runs counter to our human efforts to express individuality. Solely, I am the scavenger-consumer, designer of parts, production factory, assemblage plant, creator of a new wasteland, and anthropologist of our treasure-trash. My desire is to make some sense and non-sense of our contemporary world through observation, synthesis, production, and of course, humor. 

I also had my first Solo Show including work from my Summer 2010 Artist Residency at the Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.  Check out their website for information on the residency program!
Enjoy the slide show . . . 

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