Saturday, March 23, 2013

6 years ago . . .

Six years ago, at NCECA Pittsburg I started on a very interesting journey with The Studio Potter magazine.  I now have an article in the current issue (click for sample digital format), and am a candidate for the position of Associate Editor.  I've been challenged like never before by many peers and mentors about my preparedness for this position that has a deep historical presence and weighty responsibility to the field of ceramic art.  During this time, I took a look back at my experience as the Editorial Intern during my graduate study in 2008.  The presentation below was conducted at SUNY New Paltz in 2009 as a summary of my experience.  Because it was originally a presentation, some of the pages you'll view are only images, however, the notes on the images read like an article and most of the reflections are still valid as a summary of the amazing work of the current editor, Mary Barringer and my view of the inside from the outside in 2008-9.  

At NCECA Houston this week (click for some random images of 3 exhibitions), I met with most of the members of The Studio Potter again about that Associate Editor position. The overarching topic of conversation was formulating a strategy about how to operate the ceramics journalism practice (on a tight budget) as we move into the the two-thousand-teens. Reigning in a new generation of makers as members, creating a forward-thinking platform for digital representation, and remaining consistent in the rich discussion of ceramic aesthetics, criticism, and technology are at the top of the To Do list.   

Regardless of if this position is right for me at this time, or another position in the future, my each of my experiences with this organization has furthered my dedication to the field of ceramic art, and deepened my belief that the practice of making objects and, more importantly, the lives of those who do are an essential part of our communities and culture.    

Editorial Internship with The Studio Potter Magazine Presentation, 2009 by elenorwilson

More on other happenings at NCECA 2013 to come . . .

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