Sunday, October 27, 2013

musing about mud: show a little love


My intention is to bring you more about The Studio Potter journal's back issues. However, (you knew that was coming) as its new Associate Editor, I've been giving the proverbial 110% to both producing our current issue and educating myself on our internal operations. Therefore, my personal blog is on the back burner. In the meantime, I am pleased to announce that Carole Epp, author of Musing About Mud, one of the really great ceramics blogs out there, has recently been inducted to The Studio Potter Board of Directors. She owns a balance of humbleness, ingenuity, charm, and smarts that I'm confident will be an asset to The Studio Potter organization.  Click on the red box for an example of why I think this is so:

I hope you'll visit Carole's blog, read a bit, and decide that she is worth it. I also hope that you will visit The Studio Potter site and decide that it is worth it too. We have some big things in the works, including a brand new site that will serve you more effectively and make you more a part of our community of makers like Carole. The more you can contribute to organizations like ours and potters like her the more we can give back to you to make your time in the studio more inspired and informed.  

More soon . . . relatively soon.


P.S. I've closed my AdSense account.  Within 24 hours there will be no more ads on this blog. I don't know why Google thought anyone would decide to get a nursing degree or sell a car via my blog anyway.