Thursday, March 24, 2011

NTUA Workshop Slip-Casting Notes

Yesterday, I taught a Mold-Making and Casting workshop at the National Taiwan University of the Arts (NTUA) in Banciao City, Taipei.  I compiled my notes to give to the students as reference and posted them here for interested parties, or for those students who didn't receive a copy yesterday.  It was a good day - thank you to all the students who attended, to the graduate students who were so helpful, and to Jia-Haur Liang (梁 家 豪 Ph.D., 工藝設計學系助理教授) for being such a gracious host!

For those of you interested in casting from body parts, here is the stuff you need:
This company is based in Pennsylvainia, USA.  I'm not sure about shipping or a supplier in Asia - you will need to research it.

For those of you wondering about how to make 3 or more part molds or large molds, here are some pictures of a large mold that I made.  It has a hole in the top for pouring, and one in the bottom for draining(There is a hole in the board underneath).  It takes an entire large bucket of slip, like the one you see under the mold to fill it for casting!!!  And, it takes 4 extra-large clamps to hold it together while it is being cast.  I don't have any images of actually making the mold, but if you would like some ideas/instruction, I'd be glad to help - just e-mail me!

Casting 101