Thursday, March 7, 2013

Presenting "Locale" at Anderson Ranch

The opening reception for the following exhibition happened yesterday evening at Anderson Ranch.  

"Locale"  (Pt. 2) Exhibition Series 
John Lloyd, Jason Schneider, Josh Smith

Free and open to the public.  Exhibition runs through Friday, March 29, 2013.

During the course of Karl Burkheimer's project production in the gallery and throughout the run of his exhibition here (Jan. 17 - Feb. 22), Lloyd, Schneider, and Smith engaged in a dialogue with Burkheimer.  Thematic discussions led by curator Jenene Nagy covered topics of collaboration, location, and process.  The resulting work, on display now, is part two of a two part exhibition series. 
(Source: Anderson Ranch electronic newsletter, 3/5/2013)

The experience was stimulating to all the senses.  The three gentlemen presenting new work in reaction to an existing work was varied in media, scale, and dimension; yet, presented a cohesive play throughout the gallery space.  I took some of my own photos (see slide show below) that proved Mr. Lloyd's work in particular to be more interactive than I had first thought. Double click on the slideshow to go to my Flickr page for titles and descriptions of the images!  Hope you enjoy, and if your in the area, don't miss it!