Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Work

These images are of the three pedestal-oriented works.  I am currently working with a professional photographer to create images of these and the other five works which are composed of multiple tile bases and are wall mounted.  I am also in negotiation with the [Yingge] Museum's Education and Exhibition departments about a solo show (yea!!!!)  in 2011.  

The format for my new work is the post-card in three dimensions. A traditional tourist’s token, the post card has meaning depending on the circumstances involved; it can be treasured, dispensable, humorous or wondrous. With this as the foundation, I aim to express the interplay between my American heritage and foreign culture by playfully juxtaposing found imagery in sculptural collage.  My process for this work is unique in that I used molds for slip-casting from three different sources: myself, hand making molds; employing a professional mold-maker; and retired molds from nearby ceramic factories. After casting multiples of each object, the parts are assembled while wet, then put through multiple glaze firings to achieve depth of surface.