Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"耳朵花瓶" Update

雙耳花瓶  Proposal Image
So, the "ears" (耳朵) of the vase (花瓶) that I have been commissioned to design (see October Post), need to be re-designed . . . again. The original design didn't accommodate the dry erase pens appropriately, and the first alteration would warrant excessive labor on the part of the manufacturer. This being my first design for industrial manufacture, the learning curve is steep.

What re-design looks like.  That's at least the second cup of coffee.
When standards are high, flat, straight paths don't exist.

The process has already been quite an education.  One consideration that I wasn't aware of is the labor.  The first alteration of the ears of the vase created and enclosed space for the pen to fit, more closely resembling the historic vase; however, the time required in cutting out and cleaning the orifice, was simply too burdensome for the 100+ items that is the minimum we aim to produce. We came to a simple solution to this problem, but the simplicity will only be seen in the finished object.  The body of the vase needs an alteration to accommodate a new "ear" design.  So, we are far from back to square one, but both the vase body and the "ear" need a new mold, and then, tested to check the form of the final product . . . again.

Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Regardless of the pace, working with a team of designers to problem-solve and produce is invigorating. Trudging along through my first design commission, has already made me hungry for the next. And, of course I'm also far more keen to the side of production beyond the studio design table.

Comming soon*:  A really cool Interactive "Er-Duo" Vase based on historic Chinese Guan Wares.

*disclaimer: "soon" is a relative term.