Saturday, March 20, 2010

Old Card New Card

Made a new post card for fun, and promotion.  Okay, print may be becoming passé, but when you're at NCECA, just check out the card table . . . . yeah, you know the one, right in front of the vendor hall where you stash anything with a cool image into your tote, and then go through them all when you get home.  Its a little like a Halloween goodie bag, but sans costumes and sugar.   Well, not really sure about sans costumes, considering what freaks we "clay" people are . . .  Nevertheless, hopefully, you'll find this card on that table.  It does not take the place of my presence there, nor does it excuse the fact that I will miss this 4-day fiesta of artists, designers, hippies, artsy-fartsy types, ceramicists, educators, makers, craftsmen, curators, collectors, students and party-crashers.   The OLD card showed up in some very cool and unexpected peoples hands, so I hope the same will be true for the NEW card, whose similarities abound.  I do have an acceptable excuse to miss this year's NCECA mania, which is that I will be leaving for my residency at the Yingge Ceramics Museum on April 19th, a mere 16 days post NCECA.  16 days is more than two weeks, I know, but it is not very long when I am traveling to the other side of the globe, with an open-ended return date.  Yeah, open-ended, that's what I said.   OK, fabulous, you'll pick up a card, and tell all your friends to too!  Hope you all have a fabulous time, and don't forget to stop by the Studio Potter booth--the best part of the entire vendor area.  Changed my life the first time I had a chat with Mary Barringer, so you should try it, and become a member while you're there!

Cheers to clay lovers everywhere, and have fun at NCECA friends!  

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