Saturday, April 24, 2010


I am in Asia!  But, just this week prior to my departure from the Land of Lincoln, I completed a much belated wedding gift of table ware for my sister and her husband.  I have been working at the Wabonsee Community College Studio to produce the ware.  I used the studio's standard clay, B-Mix.  I used studio slips in yellow, red (pink, really), and blue.  I used three studio glazes, a matte white, a clear, and a shino.  I also used two glazes from my own catalog, a matte yellow and a nice, fluid turquoise(this one attributed to Jack Troy via John Glick).  It was a challenge, as I have not been in the practice of making pots.  I am pleased with the results, and it was a great way to stay involved with the ceramics community while I  prepared for my residency at the Yingge Ceramics Museum.  There, I intend to continue my sculptural work (see my MFA Thesis work here for a visual)

Click on the photo above to go to my Flickr page and view the rest of the "Weddingware".

Today or tomorrow, another post about MoCA Taiwan!


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