Monday, October 15, 2012

Write, Erase, Age(or not), Repeat.

Last year, I started fumbling around with a design idea for Wu Xing Design Company as an extension (and requirement) of a three month residency at their studio in Danshui, Taiwan.  Please read this post, and then this one to see the development until this point.  The "Ears Vase" is based on a historical Chinese design, but I added a special aspect of user interaction with the glaze to bring it into the 21st. After many many many glaze tests - we've found the celadon that does the thing!

The "thing" is, the more you draw on the vase, the more celadon cracks show up. Eventually it will look like the original historic vase. You can store the dry-erase markers in the "ears" of the vase(it will be packaged with 2 black markers with felt erasers attached to the cap). For those of you who want to preserve a pristine surface and white-board look, there is a version with a bright white, no crackle surface for your doodling pleasure (left). 

We are working on the packaging design, and will definitely let you know when it's available for purchase.  To inquire more about price, availability, etc., contact Wu Xing Design Studio directly.

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