Friday, April 12, 2013

ARAC Spring 2013 Resident Program Catalog

Our spirited, familial Spring 2013 Resident Artist group at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO, worked fervently for a week to produce this catalog of our experience and get it published and at the Ranch before the Open House on April 9th.  I contributed as Copy Editor and as the author of a poem to give an intimate perspecive the unique and transformational experience that is the ARAC residency program. I was asked to contribute about three-hundred words as a reflection . . . so, here it is, exactly three-hundred words:

“300”  a poem by Elenor Wilson

Studios, openings, happenings, lectures, questions, answers, conversations, dancing, music, drink, winebeerwhiskeyvodkatequila, younameitwedrankit, steak . . . purple cauliflower? Étouffée, coooooooofffffffeeeeeeeee, JollyRancher, THE Ranch, branch, investigation, color, material, means, ends, beginnings, wonders, wanders . . . Ski! Ride! Aspen, altitude, alpenglow, Snowmass, Carbondale, Basalt, Glenwood Springs, everywhere in between, upvalleydownvalley, Roaring Fork, spoon, spaces, faces, Facebook, post, poster, Twitter, teamwork, work, artwork, art? Make, makers, Jamaica, history, learn, teach, challenge, tired, sleep, dreams, Twin Peaks, mountains, meadows . . . Harvey. Maroon Bells, SNOW, Bo, ball, baller, holla! Word. Good morning! Laugh . . . more . . . shows, exhibitions, gallery, gift, collector, donor, support, local, Treecours, engage, critique, energize, sophisticate, Karaoke, indulge, friends, fun, laughing . . . again, late night, layers, chairs, mud, clay, cast, form, shape, line, length-width-depth, time, image, video, avocado, banana, Montana, MONOTHON, power, animal, Chucho, costume, consume, weight gain? Workout, rec center, swimbikerunlifteliptical, HOT TUB, time machine, rub, sand, finish, fire, glaze, soda, kiln, print press, drip dry, drugs, buzz, high, thigh, body, figure, pixel, Photoshop, magic lasso, digital, digits, tongue twister, blister, pain, gain, hurt, heartache, horny, sexy, postcards, announcements! Glasses, dishes, duty, grants, writing, grantwriting, $, beauty, ugly, sublime, CAKE, sheepgoatsheavenhell, interviews, rejections, accept[ions], meet, meeting, coffee . . . did I already say that? Tea, ceremony, gravity, heavy, shipping, shopping, thrift store, buy more, art . . . I already said that. Wood, burn, fire pit, stump, hammer, nail, paint, pail, bucket, plexi-, perplexed, tag, like, timeline, tactile, visual, experience, emerging, sticky, jury, application, success, failure, stress, press, steam, bend, come, go go go, U-turn, understand(?), retrace, reinvent, community, quality, quantity, query, he said, she said, BS, raw, SAW, van, trip, Denver, performance, eyelashes . . . HUG ME, opportunity, translate, cobalt carbonate, melt, create, gather, together, here, now, love.

Please contact Anderson Ranch if you'd like to purchase this publication of the Spring 2013 Resident Artist Program - it is a record of an amazing group of great artists and their work! Also, Please visit their websites:

DepartmentNameArtist Website
PrintmakingHae Min

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